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About Acupuncture

”Does acupuncture hurt?”


 Many people who never tried acupuncture might think..


 " Does acupuncture needle hurt?"


  Please, don't worry too much about the needle.


 Acupuncture needles feature single-use, sterilized, stainless

steel iterations, about as thin as cat’s hair.

Unlike Western-style hypodermic needles, which flare out

at the tip and cut the skinas they enter, acupuncture needles

gently separate the skin.

 While they may pinch, no, they generally don’t hurt.

"How does acupuncture work?"


In general, "acupuncture" is said to be good for releasing

muscular tension like stiff shoulder and lower back pain,

but acupuncture treatment is also effective for a wide range

of symptoms such as depression, insomnia, digestive issues,

hormonal imbalances, allergies, auto immune diseases so on.

 We sometimes have suppressed our own autoimmune

function due to various causes such as stress and overwork.

Because acupuncture has the effect of activating this

suppressed autoimmune function, it can restore the

unbalanced body and boost up immune power to treat

the symptoms.                   

Diseases and disorders that can be treated with acupuncture

 This list is that diseases and disorders that can be treated with acupuncture reported by NIH (National Institute of Health) 

Neurologic disorders

Neuralgia・Neuroplesia・Convulsion・Stroke sequelae・Headache・Dizziness・Insomnia・Bell`s palsy (Facial palsy)・Peripheral Neuropathies・Stress・Depression・Anxiety

Musculoskeletal disorders

Arthritis・Rheumatoid arthritis・Cervicobrachial Syndrome・Frozen shoulder・Carpal tunnel syndrome・lower back pain・Fibromyalgia・Sports Injuries and Pains

Cardiovascular disorders

Cardioneurosis・Arteriosclerosis・Hypertension・Hypotension・Palpitation・Short of breath


Respiratory disorders

Bronchitis・Asthma・Common cold and flu


Digestive disorders

Gastritis・Indigestion・Gastroptosis・Hyperacidity・Diarrhea・Constipation・Cholecystitis・Hepatitis・Gastroduodenal ulcer・Hemorrhoid


Metabolic and Hormonal disorders

Graves disease・Diabetes・Goiter・Beriberi・Anemia


Urological disorders

Cystitis・Urethritis・Impotence・Urinary retention・Nephritis・Prostatic hypertrophy


Gynecological disorders

Menopause・Mastitis・Menstrual pain・Irregular menstruation ・Cold feet・Infertility


Otorhinolaryngologic disorders

Tympanitis・Vertigo・Difficulty of hearing・Meniere's syndrome ・Nose bleeding・Rhinitis・Sinusitis・Tonsillitis


Eye disorders

Eyes strain・Nearsighted・Conjunctivitis・Cataracts (without complications)

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