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Our clinic hours information

Hidden dragon Acupuncture clinic hours in the next 2 months are as follows. 

Reservation is necessary for your treatment. 

WedSat・Sun & Holiday 9 AM - 7 PM

April 1,2, 5, 8, 9, 12, 15, 16, 19, 22, 23, 29, 30

May 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 14, 17, 20, 27, 31

Thank you,

"Tell me your story,
I could
help you more."

The Pains never go away.
Nobody understands your depression and anxiety.
Health condition you suffering and
any medications don't work.
People have so many kinds of problems and
have to deal with them.


Please tell me your story.

Any issue has a cause.

The key to finding the cause always in

your history, lifestyle, personal matters, etc...

In Oriental Medicine(OM) theory, 

The person's mind and body are always together.

We sometimes get sick when we are high in stress.

So we can see a connection between mind and body.

I want you to tell me the story

about your medical history with your life history.

There are lots of keys in your story

to solving your problems.

Once I see the cause of your problems, 

I am ready to treat!

It's not easy to find "the cause" 

without your help.

This is mutual work and it works good!

What is

 Hidden Dragon?

 There is ancient Chinese book called "I Ching  (Book of Change)". This book guide you how to read your future. There is one reading called "Heaven over Heaven", describing the 6 stages of growth of the dragon in I Ching divination. The dragon has big job of flying sky to make rain when it became "Flying dragon (Hiryu)".
 "Hidden Dragon (Senryu)" is the first stage to prepare for the dragon to be ready to become Flying dragon. First of all, the dragon must be ambitious and find the path to go and humbly studying and learning many things everyday. It is very important stage because the essence of the dragon will be determined in this stage. The spirit of Hidden dragon remind you the importance of the sight of your original goal whether in good day or bad day.
 I thought the spirit of Hidden dragon perfectly fit to me as an acupuncturist. I would like to help my patient with my acupuncture so I need to keep studying and practicing everyday. With this spirit, I believe I can grow myself as an acupuncturist and help more patients. I also believe that anything can be grow as long as keep it mind of Hidden dragon's spirit.
 I established my acupuncture clinic with this concept. I would like to make this clinic where can help many people to have healthier life as possible with Hidden dragon spirit.
Shinji Tsukamoto
Acupuncturist, Owner of Hidden Dragon Acupuncture 
My Acupuncture

My Acupuncture

Thorough analysis

 In order to understand the state of the body, it is necessary to explore the signals coming from various body parts other than just from symptoms. 
 In Oriental medicine, we use four examination methods to search for body signals by Looking, Hearing and Smelling, Questioning, and Touching. Based on these four examinations, you can identify the root cause by analyzing the state of the body in detail. By identifying the roots of the problem, it will guide to optimal treatment plan for the patient.


Address: Hidden Dragon Acupuncture

#303 Hitoshi Bldg., 3-1205 Ueda, Tenpaku,

Nagoya Aichi 〒468-0051

How to get: (Tsurumai subway line)

  1. Get off "Ueda" station.

  2. Use exit 3.

  3. When you get out exit 3, you see "Yutaka drug" on your right.

  4. Out building is next to "Yutaka drug"


Hitoshi building (3rd floor)


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