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Shinji Tsukamoto

 Hello, I am Shinji Tsukamoto, an acupuncturist and the owner of Hidden Dragon acupuncture.


 Let me introduce my carrier background and characteristics of my treatment here.


 I was studying my-therapy which is manual therapy specialized deep muscle treatment, so I am able to palpate deep muscle precisely to find trigger point. I am also learned how to train people to strengthen weak joint safely and effectively and understanding how people get hurt from wrong posture and movement at Kinesiology department in the University of Hawaii.


 Those knowledges, skills and experiences are greatly helping my acupuncture practice. I've been treating many physical problems such as lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain and any joint problems. This is the one of the fields I am good at!


   In my clinic, I don't only do local treatment, but also see whole body to do more comprehensive treatment which is more effective. This treatment also brings total health benefit by synergy effect from regulating Yin & Yang balance.


 I put stress on first consultation time to find the root problem before acupuncture treatment. Spending about 2 hours for first treatment is for collecting information (symptoms, body constitution, medical history, the condition of the skin and acupuncture points) to understand the patient's body condition precisely. I will make treatment strategy based on the result of analyzing those data. 


 I also give self-care advice to the patient. I will make custom home care plan with professional view based on my knowledge of sports nutrition and kinesiology. The key component of changing the body fundamentally is the changing life habit.


 It's very important for the patient to comprehend what's going on the treatment. I keep in my mind to explain to the patient about the treatment with easy phrase. I will be happy to answer any kinds of question if you have any questions or thoughts. Please be my guest!



  • Aichi Kasugai Technical High School/ Electronics department graduate - Aichi, Japan

  • Chuwa Acupuncture & Moxibustion School/ Acupuncture and Moxibustion department graduate - Aichi, Japan

  • Wat po Thai Massage school/ Thai massage advance certificate - Bangkok, Thailand

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa/ Bachelor degree of Kinesiology - HI, USA

  • World Medicine Institute/ Master degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - HI, USA

Professional Career 

  • Gifu Bone & joint therapy group/ Seitai therapist/ Deep muscle manual therapy (Myotherapy) - Aichi, Japan

  • Hasegawa Acupuncture clinic/ Acupuncturist/ Acupuncture based on TCM, Elderly care, Rehabilitation - Aichi, Nagoya

  • Total Body Care, Inc/ Owner, Massage therapist, Acupuncturist/ Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Herb - HI, USA

  • Fujimoto Kanshouin Acupuncture clinic/ Acupuncturist, Learned from the master Repu Fujimoto, the founder of Hokushinkai acupuncture group/  Fewer needling acupuncture based on the basic theory of TCM combined with the traditional Japanese acupuncture- Nara, Japan

  • Hidden Dragon Acupuncture/ Owner, Acupuncturist/ Acupuncture - Aichi, Japan

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