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Shinji Tsukamoto


 Hello, I am Shinji Tsukamoto, an acupuncturist and the owner of Hidden Dragon acupuncture. Let me introduce my career background and the characteristics of my treatment here.


 I was studying 'Myo-therapy' which is manual therapy specialized deep tissue muscle treatment.  I was a specialist in palpating deep muscles precisely to find trigger points.

 I also have learned Kinesiology at the University of Hawaii. Learning kinesiology gives me the idea of preventing injuries from daily activities by proper strength and conditioning training.  I can advise what the best body care is for each patient with kinesiology knowledge.

 Those pieces of knowledge, skills, and experiences are helping my acupuncture practice, but I feel something missing...  


 All those years, I was treating the problems of muscles, and joints but I could do more with Eastern Medicine treatment. Any health problem always has its causes. Eastern Medicine sees the human body as a whole universe, so whatever the problem is it should be treated as one piece not parts.  That's what I was missing.

 So I decided to go back to Japan to learn Eastern Medicine and Japanese traditional medicine. I joined an acupuncture study group called 'Hokushinkai (Polaris)' which is established by Renpu Fujimoto in 1979. Based on The founder Dr. Fujimoto's clinical experience, they tested the logic of classical Chinese and Japanses acupuncture literature for years. They stated that treatment theory should be logical, clinically effective, and reviewable. The treatment should use only one or a few acupuncture needles to maximize the effect of the treatment. I felt that this is the true value of acupuncture. I was lucky to study in Dr. Fujimoto's clinic for 2 years. I felt that my lifework was pursuing this study.

 My acupuncture treatment completely shifted to Eastern Medicine acupuncture mixed with traditional Japanese acupuncture medicine.

   In my clinic, I simply regulate 'Qi'(energy) which is somehow unbalanced and causes health problems to bring back to proper balance. I will explain what is going on in your body for you to understand what the treatment means to you. It's better for you to understand the treatment because 'Qi' is yours. If you understand, 'Qi' is much easier to move so that's the essence of treatment.

 I put stress on the first consultation time to find the root problem before acupuncture treatment. The consultation takes about 2 hours depending on your condition to understand you through your story. Your body shows many signs telling what's going on your body. The inspection is correcting body signs to use to make a diagnosis. So I will get the main frame of the treatment. 

 The acupuncture point is chosen only one or two based on the treatment strategy. After the treatment, I will inspect to see if the body signs changes to judge the effect of treatment. I will explain the treatment strategy and plan and give the home care regimen as necessary. 

 I always feel that I am grateful to learn every time to treat my patient. Thank you for reading my immature English introduction. 



  • Aichi Kasugai Technical High School/ Electronics department graduate - Aichi, Japan

  • Chuwa Acupuncture & Moxibustion School/ Acupuncture and Moxibustion department graduate - Aichi, Japan

  • Wat po Thai Massage school/ Thai massage advance certificate - Bangkok, Thailand

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa/ Bachelor degree of Kinesiology - HI, USA

  • World Medicine Institute/ Master degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - HI, USA

Professional Career 

  • Gifu Bone & joint therapy group/ Seitai therapist/ Deep muscle manual therapy (Myotherapy) - Aichi, Japan

  • Hasegawa Acupuncture clinic/ Acupuncturist/ Acupuncture based on TCM, Elderly care, Rehabilitation - Aichi, Nagoya

  • Total Body Care, Inc/ Owner, Massage therapist, Acupuncturist/ Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Herb - HI, USA

  • Fujimoto Kanshouin Acupuncture clinic/ Acupuncturist, Learned from the master Repu Fujimoto, the founder of Hokushinkai acupuncture group/  Fewer needling acupuncture based on the basic theory of TCM combined with the traditional Japanese acupuncture- Nara, Japan

  • Hidden Dragon Acupuncture/ Owner, Acupuncturist/ Acupuncture - Aichi, Japan

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